Casino games are available in plenty on online platforms these days, offering you sufficient options to gamble for as long as you want. The infinite number of rooms available for a game allows players from across the globe to connect to a casino network to gamble for money. Of the many games in casinos, only a few have managed to become popular worldwide. Keno is one such session that brings fun in its best form to the screen with a board of numbers. Random number generators pick numbers from this lot to reveal the drawn set.

If the ones you picked match this set, you can win money according to the paytable features. Caveman Keno is a variant of keno that introduces you to the world of numbers and luck. Begin with this version in order to make better choices for the original game. If you want to make a fortune from the conventional form of keno, start exploring the features of Caveman Keno. Let us look at more about this game before you head over to a casino to play.

Basics of the Game

Caveman Keno

A player has to choose between 2 and 10 numbers like in conventional keno. You are given the numbers from 1 to 80 to choose from, and once you have selected them, the computer will draw 20 random numbers. If you match enough selections with the numbers draws, you will win a prize. While playing the game, the computer will pick an additional three numbers. These will be covered with dinosaur eggs to break open when you hit more than one match with your selection. The eggs can provide you with multipliers to improve your position in the game. If any two eggs match with your set, a 4x multiplier can be won. When all three eggs match your selections, you win a prize up to 10 times the loot.

What to Play For

Once you have started playing, you will have to continue the game to avoid huge losses. Before putting money into the pot, make sure to decide your goals and expectations for the session. Those who are fishing for the big payout possibilities in the game should go for bigger bets. Make sure to play fewer numbers if you want to minimize the odds and get greater returns. Choose less than five numbers if you want to try your luck at keno with a better payout.

By opting for a home run, you will be going for a higher number, meaning you are putting a good bankroll at risk. When you plan to catch a significant amount of numbers from the game, the payout will be impressive, but the risk involved will be equally huge. Although the computer picks numbers randomly, it isn’t foolish to follow a pattern to choose numbers because the options may repeat a few times. The computer is likely to be inclined to certain algorithms that trigger the draw of a certain set of numbers.

Everything You Need to Know About Caveman Keno

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