Gamblers will always find a way to escape their stresses. With casino games on the rise, there is never a shortage of options for people across the globe. One of the most popular chance-based casino games is Keno, which is a variant of the lottery. Although the numbers play differently in this game, you can always have fun with the impact of these digits on your luck. The game we shed light on here is Caveman Keno- a variation of the classic game of Keno. Certain twists have been added to this game for a more engaging session. In Keno, every player must choose a certain number of selections from a pool of 80 numbers.

The payout of this game is determined by the number of selections matching the drawn numbers. When you play the game on the computer, the virtual elements flow well with the background to provide you with a seamless experience with this game of numbers on the boards. When you are only starting with Caveman Keno, you may find it hard to catch up with the concepts. Online gaming has changed over the years for every casino game; Caveman Keno is no different in this aspect. In order to harmonize the playing tactics with the nature of the game, you must learn how to start playing the Keno online.

Caveman Keno

The Game

Upon selecting a few numbers from the lot, the computer draws three numbers to be designed by dinosaur eggs. If more than one of the numbers with these eggs are among the 20 numbers drawn by the computer, a multiplier gets generated to improve your payouts. When you hit any two of the three eggs, you earn a 4x multiplier. You will end up winning an 8x multiplier if all the three dinosaur eggs have been hit right. Some versions of this game may also offer you a 10x multiplier for the same number of eggs.

Like every other online casino game, Caveman Keno is also available on online platforms, keeping you entertained for extended periods. Since the casinos need to ensure fun in the game, the graphics and sounds are met with the usual standards of a casino game. The dinosaur eggs and multipliers are introduced to keep you glued to the seat for hours. Keno, as a traditional casino game, offers only the physical casino experience involving tickets, drawings, and balls. Although these have been recreated for the digital gaming experience, Caveman Keno trumps the quality of the traditional Keno game by offering multipliers and bigger prizes.

Play Online with Strategies

When you are starting to play online, make it a point to pay attention to the details of the game. With the dinosaur eggs and multipliers triggered, you are likely to win big. Make sure to apply the right strategies for the game. Also, play only on reliable sites like Ignition Casino, SpinIt, and GunsBet Luck n Load.

How To Start Playing Caveman Keno Online

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