Caveman Keno offers one of the best variants of keno that you can play online. With a little twist, everything feels different while playing this keno variant. You must know the rules of keno to play this game. A player picks a number of selections in a pool of 80 numbers. Once all players have picked their numbers, 20 numbers are drawn from the pool of 80. The payouts depend on how many players share the same number.

How to play caveman keno

Caveman Keno is a bit different from the traditional version. Once you make your selections in this game, the computer draws three more numbers that you can play with. These three numbers become dinosaur eggs on the game board. If any of the 20 numbers that are drawn matches your dinosaur egg numbers, your payouts become multiplied. If you hit two eggs, you receive a 4x multiplier. If you hit three eggs, you receive an 8x multiplier. There are some versions of Caveman Keno that offer up to 10x in multipliers. It means whatever you won in the game would get multiplied by ten. You can find Caveman Keno in free-to-play platforms as well as real money platforms.

Is Caveman Keno entertaining?

Keno surely does not attract that much attention from casino players, but Caveman Keno has successfully engaged players for a long time. The players tend to enjoy video keno games just the same as slot machines. Caveman Keno has been one of the inventions of the casino to introduce a change in games.

Caveman Keno

Having dinosaur eggs with multipliers surely attracts a lot of players to Caveman Keno. The multiplier is a feature that has always attracted new gamers and kept them playing for a long period. So we can say that the Caveman Keno is quite entertaining. With a bunch of animations, it can engage players for a long time with ease.

Is Caveman Keno rewarding?

Caveman Keno is as easy as the regular keno games but comes with a multiplier in the form of eggs. The players need to pick three extra numbers after picking their regular set of numbers. The strategy here is to play the game normally while expecting a multiplier to increase the rewards. It can have a payout of around 95%, similar to video slots. If a player is fond of playing slot games, they can definitely give Caveman Keno a try as it can be equally rewarding as video slots.

Where can I play Caveman Keno

You can check out these casino platforms that offer the best Caveman Keno experience with high rewards.
Ignition Casino – It is rated as the best casino in the USA that offers up to $1000 as a welcome bonus. You can find games from RTG, BetSoft, Microgaming, and more.

Caveman Keno

SPINiT – It is one platform that offers a range of entertaining slot machines alongside Caveman Keno. Create an account and receive up to $1000 as a welcome bonus.

GunsBet – It is the most popular casino in Australia that offers a 100% deposit bonus for up to $100 and 100 free spins. Enjoy the games and receive instant withdrawals for your earnings.

Caveman Keno Review

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