Issue #2: Breath

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This zine is dedicated to the memory of Jon Sherry.

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Cover Art by:
Katrine Claassens

In-Production Posts:
Updates and News #1
Updates and News #2
Updates and News #3

Selected Features:
A Hat in Time: Interview with Jenna Brown, 2D Art Director
Constructing Achewood: A Momentary Diversion with Chris Onstad
ACME: An Explanation
Almost Normal: Why I Love Lowbrow Art
Outsider Textiles: A Conversation with Shanell Papp
Tyrannosaurusย Death!: A Conversation with Adam Volerich
Sharing the Vision: How Software is Making Science Accessible to All
Welcome to the Internet

Issue #2: Breathย more than doubles the page count of its predecessor. Along with articles and fiction from Secret Cave’s co-founders, its pages contain photography, art andย writing from a variety of creatives. There are also several interviews, including conversations with Chris Onstad, Jenna Brown, Shanell Papp and Adam Volerich.

For our first issue, we were able to release it with our own funds alone (including postage). As a result, all editions from now will be available for a small and reasonable price in our storeย or as rewards to Patreon subscribers. To combat this, we will always make PDF copies of our zines available freely. A digital edition of Issue #2: Breath will be released hereย soon.

Thank you for your interest in Secret Cave, and check out the update links above for more information on the zine’s contents!