Issue #1: Birth


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You can now read and download Issue #1: Birth for free here!

This 24-page zine is the first print edition of Secret Cave.

Along with articles from Secret Cave founders, Lee Tyrrell and Benjamin BrandallIssue #1: Birth also includes photography, writing and more from a wide variety of talents. We originally sent these, for free, to our subscribers. We also sent out limited editions of our compilation cassette tape of music, Volume #1: Birth. A complete PDF of this issue is now available for free here. However, you can purchase your own physical copy here. Some more in-depth information on the production process of this zine, and the creatives involved, can be found in this article and, separately, in this podcast. Finally, our second instalment is already underway, which you can read more about on this page.

Thank you for your interest in Secret Cave.

Featuring the work of:

Gary Stafford, Tristen Brookshire, Pat Hines, Adrienne Lotto, Shanell Papp, Adam Volerich and Okti W.

Blood on the Goban: Exploring the Myths of an Ancient Art (by Lee Tyrrell)
The Work of Art in the Age of Microsoft Paint (by Benjamin Brandall)
ACME: An Introduction (by Lee Tyrrell)
Poor Messrs. Fish (by Adrienne Lotto)

Volume #1: Birth

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For our first issue, we curated a compilation cassette tape as a gift. For more information on this tape, click here. The music itself is now freely available on our Bandcamp for you to stream or download. Within that download, you can also find extended liner notes, a music video and podcast commentaries on the tracks. Like Issue #1: Birth, you can purchase a physical copy through our store. Though numbers are currently extremely limited, we will produce a second run if there’s enough interest.


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