WOO! (A Secret Cave Podcast Mini)

Recently, over at our YouTube, we’ve been putting out bite-sized editions of our regular podcasts. This is a concept I have to give credit to Benjamin for, though I have contributed in small ways. The thrust behind these is threefold. Firstly, it’s a good exercise for editing skills. Secondly, we thought it would be intriguing to present small snippets of our interviews in, occasionally, new contexts. As a final, and more cynical, drive, it merely makes it easier to digest a source material that often exceeds an hour in length.

Chopped down to a strict limit of no more than two minutes and twenty seconds (comment with your thoughts on why we chose this length!), these titbits get in and out withoutย tooย much bother to the idle scroller. At first, we thought our interviews would be the only pool we draw from. Benjamin had provided an excellent proof of concept, drawn from our Charlie Chuck interview, which struck a memorable tone. Rolling with that, I encouraged him and began providing him with quotes from our other interviews to work with. Beyond my suggestions of quotes and appropriate music, the kudos for these unique nuggets rests with him. We call them SCP Minis; the SCP being an acronym forย Secret Cave Podcast.

As Benjamin grew more driven and excited by the results, he started flexing his muscles on more experimental inspirations. The first of these followed an embarrassing slip-up perpetuated by Richard B. Spencer,ย a white-supremacist chimpanzee who, apparently, has trouble knowing what year he’s in. After seeing it, I saw no reason why it couldn’t serve as an SCP Mini. Consequently, the floodgates have opened on the kind of contentย Benjamin can curate. This has led to his latest, something we’d like to callย Woo!:

I had nothing to do with this one, so I can say with unbiased verve just how compelling I find it. Humorous and mesmerising, it has much in common with Dadaism. We would be the first to admit the derivative nature of some of our more political SCP Minis. As a result, I feel confident in the conviction that I’ve not seen anything quite like this before. It’s not YouTube Poop, though it has much in common (and more on YouTube Poop in an upcoming article…). It’s not a Vic Berger or Dominick Nero style edit either. In essence, it’s two minutes and twenty seconds of Ric Flair at his most unhinged; set to a dark and somehow unsettling soundtrack.

Despite my confusion on what precisely this is, I hope it represents the tip of an iceberg to come. With each SCP Mini, Benjamin has shown a significant development of his skills and instincts. He would never use lofty terminology to describe his own output, so allow me to in his stead. These little videos are a reflection of the evolution of art, expression and, indeed, consumption in the early 21st century. The ways that we take-in media, and even create it, are more alive than they’ve ever been. It’s exciting, challenging and perplexing in equal measure. To throw our hat in, we bring you the SCP Mini, something we hope will lead people in towards our more longer-form content as well as stand on its own merits.

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