Issue #2: Breath: General Updates and News

This year at Secret Cave, we’re changing our pace somewhat. Following the release of our first zine last year, we’ve already started work on a second issue. It’s important to us that Issue #2: Breath is an improvement in every possible way on our original venture. As such, certain elements of our output are likely to slow down until our estimated release date in April.

In no way does that mean our domain content will stop. In fact, Benjamin and I already have numerous drafts that we’re working on. However, we have made our next zine a conscious priority. Unfortunately, this is likely to have an impact on the amount of posts here. We hope that the eventual results will speak for themselves.

Firstly, the page count for Issue #2: Birth will at least double that of its predecessor. That way, we’re able to feature a larger cast of writers, artists and photographers. We’re intensely grateful for and proud of the contributors we published last time. For me, their passion and talent is the backbone of the project.

I wanted to evoke the zine’s collaborative thrust from its very cover. Benjamin did an excellent job with his cover for Issue #1: Birth, but we’re both glad to announce Katrine Claassens as taking the reins this time. Katrine is a wonderfully innovative and striking artist, working with inspirations as disparate as the environment and memes. She’s currently putting together something entirely original for us, which we’re certain will set a perfect tone for the pages within. Click here for Katrine’s site and some more examples of her work.

Twitter Rescue Bird - After Photo I by Katrine Claassens (click here for more).

Twitter Rescue Bird – After Photo I by Katrine Claassens (click here for more).

Inside the issue itself, you’ll find many more creatives than we were previously able to showcase. We’ve received a lovely piece from our old friend, Professor Elemental. Across five key disciplines, he provides his concise guide to building the perfect rapper. I can’t wait for you to read it, and it’s sure to give a bit of extra colour to Secret Cave. Several other people are joining us too, alongside a few from Issue #1: Birth.

All that said, we’re always looking for more. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through e-mail (Secret Cave or my personal inbox), Twitter or Facebook. We’d love to check out your art or writing, whatever form it takes. If you’d like to see it in print, we consider all submissions. Around half of this second issue is already confirmed, but there’s still space and a third issue to come.

As a final point, it’s worth mentioning our podcast. Though we’re happy with the way that SCP3, our third season, turned out, we’ve decided to place it on a temporary hiatus. Our last episode, a bonus we called Christmasnever got an official post about it here. Perhaps that’s because it was so far from my grand expectation of a festive “event” that I simply couldn’t be arsed. Still, here it is:

The reason we’re taking a break from the podcast is, mainly, that I’d prefer to kick it back off with higher production values. With investment in more suited recording equipment, I’ll feel a lot more comfortable with the whole thing. Then, and only then, can we provide something that would meet the (rightly) high expectations of listeners. I’m proud of our episodes, and how we developed, but have come to believe in its need for better production. A step back in this area will also, theoretically, allow us to take steps forward when it comes to the zine.

I have reams of ideas for podcasts, which I fully intend to explore one day. Before our hiatus, I introduced one of these segments. Starring myself in the title role, Batman: The Audio Adventures is my own exploration of the popular DC Comics mythos. Personally, I think it’s the tightest and most faithful adaption of the character to date. Forget Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan. Forget Kevin Conroy, Adam West or even George Clooney. This is what it’s all about, and I hope that you’ll agree.

More episodes of Batman: The Audio Adventures wait in the wings. But, until then, most of our effort is being spent on Issue #2: Breath. Though I’ve said that posts will be slower than usual, we’ll always maintain a stream of new content here at the site. For those who haven’t yet read it, you can now download our first issue for free here. We also have our debut music compilation, Volume #1: Birth, up on our Bandcamp. Last, but absolutely not least, pre-order your own copy of our upcoming zine from our store to guarantee delivery on day of release.

Thank you for reading, and here’s to a year of more great art, in-depth discussion and general obsession with digital culture!

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