Two SCP Minis: David Liebe Hart and Professor Elemental

This week saw the release of two more SCP Minis; compressed editions of our podcasts curated by Benjamin. In these, we’ve drawn from interviews we conducted with David Liebe Hart and Professor Elemental. In certain ways, these act as short-form signposts to the original conversations. That said, we try wherever we can to make sure they stand on their own. Because our guests are often so insightful on a variety of topics, much of their commentary is comfortable in its own context. However, sometimes a guest can be so enigmatic, as a whole, that grander threads appear in their dialogue:

David Liebe Hart on Aliens

When I spoke to Liebe Hart for our podcast, his appearance was so surreal and unique that it birthed a 3,000 word article on the nature of his personality. Yet, we’re well aware that his guest spot makes for a somewhat difficult listen; especially for those unaware of his work. In this SCP Mini, Benjamin has attempted to present his distracted style of conversation faithfully. We also wanted to make sure that there’s a greater sense of coherence, whilst being careful to maintain the humour of such an unpredictable encounter. Additionally, we may soon release one on his thoughts about Gangster rap

Professor Elemental on Comedy in Hip-Hop

Our next episode featured Paul Alborough (Professor Elemental). His use of a character is as interesting as that of Liebe Hart’s. The difference is, Alborough’s is far more conscious and considered. He, too, inspired a lengthy article on his career, in which he had some great commentary on comedy in hip-hop music. This SCP Mini ties together some of his choice quotes on the subject. It’s true that hip-hop always had a sense of humour. After all, the parallels between a comedian and a rapper are clear when you think about it. Alborough brings legitimacy back to the idea. At the same time, his wordplay is clever; his music infectious.

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