SCP3 #07 – Trolls

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For this episode of SCP3, our third season of podcasts, we invited my dad back onto the show. In his previous appearances, he acted as a sage-like elder; keeping Benjamin and I grounded. He’s also, usually, inappropriately vulgar for someone of his age. Along with March and Katy, Dad will be joining us for several episodes of this season. This time, he shows some restraint. As SCP3 develops, though, I’m certain the truth of his intimidating bonhomie will quickly unfurl. Perhaps it was merely the topic at hand, which engrossed us all in a conversation exceeding two hours in length. Edited down to a more reasonable duration, I hope our observations maintain some clarity.

That said, this week’s subject is anything but clear. After a recent personal experience with online trolls, I felt compelled to spotlight this unusual trait of humanity. Being the labyrinthine discussion that it is, most of our talk consists of a debate on what we even mean by online trolls. Fortunately, along the way, we’re able to explore some interesting points and examples of trolling. We question how much it’s inherent to mankind, and its evolution over time. Instead of reaching any concrete conclusion, we end on Dad’s harsh criticism of Benjamin’s garage. Typical.

In this week’s Show & Tell, I finally break down at the ineptitude of my co-hosts. While I continue to envisage the segment as a successful recurring feature, it’s constantly derailed by the choices of my colleagues. March brought us a half-baked story about mushrooms. Katy lobbed in some electrical throbbing. The abstract concepts that Benjamin offers are the furthest from my imagination of the lot. Suffice to say, it’s very little like the classroom classic. It’s even less like a winning podcast segment. Although I still have faith in the core of the idea, I may have to trying something else next week.

From here on, I make it my personal quest to discover, curate and release the finest podcast segment known to man. It’s a holy grail that we can all but dream of. It’s a fantasy that taunts the human condition, consuming the avarice of our idle moments. Though many have tried, I believe it’s not just a myth. The notion of a perfect podcast segment doesn’t have to be an impossibility, like warp power or time travel. It can be broadcast, directly into all our ears, if only we can find it. Tweet your ideas for the divine segment at me and maybe, together, we can herald in the next generation. Joe Rogan will steam with jealousy. Until then, click below to hear the best I can do.

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British fellow consumes media and regurgitates back what you should think about it.

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