The Choice is Yours (SCP Mini)

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It’s been some time since we’ve released an SCP Mini. Therefore, I may as well go over their concept once more before I introduce our latest. Using dialogue from our podcast episodes, Benjamin creates short, compressed versions set to edited footage. They allow us to focus on a particular subject, and accentuate key points and humour. In addition, they’re an excellent way for Benjamin to express his developing skill for video editing. Though they’ve only ever pulled in pathetically small view counts on our YouTube, they’re among our personal favourite content.

For this SCP Mini, Benjamin has used a deleted “scene” from episode fourteen of our second season. My dad featured on that edition, offering his thoughts on our second season in general. It was a long conversation, which saw us sail over several disparate topics. Just before I concluded the recording, because I had a raging migraine, Dad brought up a weighty subject. Annoyed by the illusion of choice presented to us by television providers and networks, such as Sky, he revisits ire he’s held since the 90’s. He had a fair perspective but, after over two hours of talking, I had lost my patience for any focus. That’s why it ended up on the cutting room floor, without any real exploration.

Benjamin was adamant that we, in fact, find a way to use it somehow. This SCP Mini has been in his head since that recording, but our obligations to Issue #1: Birth took over. To prepare for Dad’s upcoming third appearance this week, we thought the timing couldn’t be better to finally bring the concept to fruition. I’ll let my dad speak for himself, as he manages to make a concise and convincing case in just over two minutes. In short, perhaps some compromise between illegal downloads and behemoth television networks is possible. With so many of us seduced by the criminal freedom of choice presented by the internet, why does it remain taboo?

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