The Best Caveman Keno Alternatives in Casino Gaming

Keno is a popular gaming option that is likely to pay up to $5,000,000 on a $2 voucher. A lot of money can be earned on Keno for a small venture. Also, Keno is a lottery game that has structured payouts. The game has as well gained its popularity since it requires no skills to play. It is one of the most convenient games that have no strict rules. For that reason, Keno mainly depends on the luck of the player. For those people who do not want to meditate a lot during the play go for this game type. Keno deals with a flexible selection of the game type the player want. This means you go for those Keno games that offer more payouts but minimal probabilities of winning. These games can be played as video Keno or live Keno. Hence, players have many options to choose from depending on their interests. This article herein discusses other Keno games in casino gaming.

Cleopatra Keno

This is an alternative of Caveman Keno in the casino gaming. It is a distinction of the tried-and-true Cleopatra slot mechanism. It is among the popular Keno games in casino gaming. The game involves the scarab beetle which falls on a winning combo for the player to acquire the bonus. Besides, the bonus consists of fifteen free games having a doubled win.

Triple Trouble

The idea behind this Keno game is that the player is required to pick his numbers in an average manner. He or she then selects up to ten spots as in the standard game. On the other hand, the Triple Trouble consists of a bonus round that comes in when three of the prominent Bally Devils are seen on the screen. All the three Bally Devils have to pop up for the player to get to the bonus turn. At this time the player cannot reset the numbers since it is an automatic game. In addition to that, all the Triple Trouble payouts are made three times. Also, the pay boards on most of the prizes are minimized. This is to reimburse for the paying back possibility to the customer. Though it becomes exciting when the red devil appears and the player has a shot at the lottery payoffs at this moment.

3-6-9 Way Ticket Game

This Keno game is found on both Bally Keno Plus as well as IGT Game King. This kind of game allows the player to hit as many small payoffs as possible. Thus there is the possibility of the player hitting more middle jackpots. The game also allows multiple minor rewards to ensure the player is playing for a long duration of time. But then again, you are likely to have a shot at some high awards. This award has attracted many players to the Keno.

In this type of a game the player uses seven coins in every game, but hardly has four coins in the same card. If the player happens to hit the highest payoff, for instance, nine of nine he or she will have won with just a single coin bet. Again, once you happen to hit nine of nine you will as well hit three solid six and three spots. Overall, playing a 3-6-9-way ticket game is entertaining and the player is likely to hit minor payoffs more often. While playing this game also you typically spot three 3-mark denoted on the screen as A, B, and C.

The arrangement results in three-six marks which are A+B, A+C, and B+C, as well as one nine-spot of A+B+C. After that, you can blowout the numbers and keep in rows and columns or make boxes. But the most successful way of playing in the simple 3 by 3 box. For your convenience as a player ensure that you bring together the A, B, and C numbers to eliminate three A’s through the top, three B’s in the middle, and three C’s through the lower part of the box. This is because the numbers hardly land in that manner and hence you are likely to hit many solid three marks that assist you in maintaining the credits.

Power Keno

It originated from Australia. The rules for paying this game is far much the same as the traditional Keno games. But it has an added advantage whereby if the 20th ball taken the choices of one of the players, it means one of your winnings will be multiplied.

Super Keno

It looks like power Keno nevertheless there is a difference in that the super Keno pays attention to the first ball as an alternative of the second.

Way Keno

This type of Keno casino game has a special characteristic in that the player can select different choices of numbers. For that reason, the player can understand the many ways of winning the game.

The Best Caveman Keno Alternatives in Casino Gaming
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