Volume #1: Birth [DOWNLOAD AND STREAM]

This URL initially linked to a detailed history of Volume #1: Birth, which is still online here.

After several months of putting the package together, Volume #1: Birth is finally available for download. In addition, zine subscribers should receive their physical copies within a fortnight of this post. Bringing this to you is a very proud moment for us. It contains music from both Secret Cave co-founders, regular contributors (like March and MC Kat) and several guests. Nick LutskoProfessor Elemental, Vic Berger and DJ Douggpound all have tracks on this release, following on from our podcasts with them.

The compilation is hosted in its entirety on our Bandcamp. You can either download or stream it for free, though we have added an option to pay what you want. Any donations we may receive will fund further releases. However, our greatest hope is that you simply enjoy the music we’ve chosen to showcase. Downloads include artwork (for both CD and tape), complete liner notes, a music video for Yo VIŅA, What’s Up? and podcast commentaries. We highly recommend that you download this collection in either WAV or MP3 320 formats. If you’d like your own physical copy, on cassette tape, you can visit our store here.

To help give some context and background to the music we’ve chosen for Volume #1: Birth, Benjamin and I have recorded a dedicated podcast. We’ve brought this out as an SCP3 bonus episode. Track-by-track, we discuss some of the history behind every piece and our connections to the artists involved. Part of our drive was always to expose some of the unsung glory of certain obscure or, in some cases, defunct musicians. Though their music stands on its own, this conversation offers a little explanation. I believe that, in this case, such information only enhances the whole. Click below (or here) to hear our talk. As previously mentioned, it’s also included in each download of Volume #1: Birth. Thank you for listening!

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