BONZIE Interview: Zone on Nine, Collaboration and Intimacy

I first discovered BONZIE, an American musician whose talent betrays her age, purely by accident one evening. Since, I haven’t been able to stop listening to her oddly cathartic music; strong in the belief that I haven’t heard songwriting this refreshing in years. Her first record,ย Rift Into the Secret of Things, is a gorgeous trek through melodious brevity. While short, the potency of the material within leapt from my speakers with an understated purity. To be more accurate, the music of BONZIEย laps against your eardrum with all the playful provocation of relentlessย waves.

Like soft ocean ripples, her songwritingย brings with it a depth that sounds like it’s swirled the entire planet to reach the quietย beach you find it on.…   [continue reading]