WOO! (A Secret Cave Podcast Mini)

Recently, over at our YouTube, we’ve been putting out bite-sized editions of our regular podcasts. This is a concept I have to give credit to Benjamin for, though I have contributed in small ways. The thrust behind these is threefold. Firstly, it’s a good exercise for editing skills. Secondly, we thought it would be intriguing to present small snippets of our interviews in, occasionally, new contexts. As a final, and more cynical, drive, it merely makes it easier to digest a source material that often exceeds an hour in length.

Chopped down to a strict limit of no more than two minutes and twenty seconds (comment with your thoughts on why we chose this length!), these titbits get in and out without too much bother to the idle scroller.…   [continue reading]

WWE Money in the Bank 2017 [LIVE TWEET STREAM/REPORT]

For some reason, despite an intriguing card, I found myself unable to get too excited for Money in the Bank this year. I put that down to some personal rumblings going on in my life at the moment. That aside, I knew we’d be in for something worth seeing. I’d probably resigned to just watch the damn thing, rather than overthinking it too much. With a historic women’s Money in the Bank match scheduled, along with the standard edition as the main event, this pay-per-view was certain to be memorable in some way.

In the end, this was surely one of the strangest cards I’ve ever seen.…   [continue reading]

Donald Trump and WWE

While everyone else taps out their vitriol or support for the USA’s new President-elect, I think it’s best that Secret Cave not overtly take any political stance.  Since we’re a site that likes to focus on the forgotten elements of things, I thought i’d throw his ludicrous WWE appearances into the hat instead.  After all, this is the first time a WWE Hall-of-Famer will be taking residence at the White House, and I do think that holds some significance worth implying.  He’s had a lot of important positions in his time, but President is several steps up from noted-wrestling-cameo.  Do these instances somehow undermine his future as a competent politician?  …   [continue reading]

Why Is The Undertaker So Important?

As the Phenom, the Dead Man and a clearly Big Evil, The Undertaker has been the stuff of legends from his very beginnings.  It’s not even something many people have questioned or considered.  The Undertaker is absolutely brilliant and it’s as simple as that.  The closest anyone will get is smarks dissecting his in-ring limitations, while openly accepting his undeniable quality.  I would find it utterly impossible to understand any argument that paints him as less than iconic.  A true deity in the world of sports entertainment, his long and decorated career is absolutely one of the most important things in the industry.  …   [continue reading]

And What a Maneuver, Right Here on Monday Night Raw!

Grainy video quality as Bam Bam Pigelow walks down the aisle. Chucking his arms up in the air and roaring for some reason. Horrendous ‘heavy’ ‘rock’ ‘music’ thunders through the crowd at the Manhattan Centre. It’s 1993, and tone-deaf Bam Bam’s grunting his name on his own intro music.

What’s this? Forgettable Jobber’s being given a half-arsed introduction moments before Bam Bam punches him in the head and knocks him down for far too long.


Headbutt, and WHAT A MANEUVER.…   [continue reading]

Shawn Michaels

Controversial backstage antics aside, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t consider Shawn Michaels one of the best ring technicians to ever enter the squared circle.  The King of the Oversell (until dethroned by The Rock) and one of the most entertaining athletes to hit our screens, Michaels completely voids the crimes of his personality with every inspired flourish and line of mic work.  A magnet for five-star matches, you could always be assured that he would bring you fluid execution and developed psychology.

A holder of a variety of championship belts, his success is officially well documented.  Generally well received by the audience too, finding anyone who will straight up deny his talents is a rarity I greet for its comic value.  …   [continue reading]

The Montreal Screwjob

Much has been written about the Montreal Screwjob, easily the most controversial moment in wrestling history and the catalyst for what would be known as the Attitude Era.  It’s become an infamous milestone – almost a rite of passage for those learning about sports entertainment and its many treasures.  An incident that at first seems hazed in confusion and contradiction, when lucidly explained its simplicity in fact compliments its impact.  As such, i’m going to try my hardest to be as salient as I can in an article that won’t exceed six-hundred words.

To understand the notion of a screwjob, as it’s known, requires at least basic knowledge of kayfabe.  …   [continue reading]

Jim Ross

While i’m only three articles into writing about wrestling and this is the second spotlighting someone called Jim, it’s simply a subject I had to discuss today.  It’s odd how things happen.  Thinking about Jim Cornette and his incredible live appearances after my write-up on him two weeks ago, I sent him a cursory tweet asking him if he’d ever show his face in England again.  Hearing back from him almost instantly that he’ll in fact be making some appearances in just less than a month, I bought VIP tickets instantly to his upcoming Inside the Ropes show with Jim Ross himself (how could I pass up a chance to get a picture with two of my absolute heroes?).…   [continue reading]

WrestleMania X-Seven


No one denies that, despite a fair few shaky years, WrestleMania is the grandaddy of them all – where it all began, where it all begins again and all the other rhetoric they throw at you to sell tickets.  While there are certainly many who would take against WrestleMania’s seventeenth offering for killing the overrated Attitude era, or indeed presenting a show of sports entertainment rather than ‘rassling, it still remains the most critically lauded.  Just one look at the card shows amazing initial promise, and it’s something the entire pay-per-view lived up to in spades.

Featuring, in large part, the culmination of years of storytelling, WrestleMania X-Seven managed to give basically all of its players the swansong they deserved before transitioning into the oft-overlooked Ruthless Aggression era.  …   [continue reading]

Jim Cornette


Look at this grotesque Momma’s boy with his loaded tennis racket.  Isn’t that just one of the most punchable looks for anyone to sport, anywhere in the world and at any time?  Such is the genius of the heat-getting motherfucker that is Jim Cornette, King of the shoot interview and advocate for that old-timey wrestling your grandmother used to watch.  In my opinion, to not be aware of Cornette and what he’s brought to the squared circle is to disregard the entire medium – which i’m sure many of you do anyway (since this isn’t a dedicated wrestling/sports entertainment blog).

…   [continue reading]