Bird of the Week [BEST OF SCP1 TEASER]

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Our first season of podcasts is something I try not to think about. We were incredibly naive, and many of our conversations meander into crushingly dull territory. As a result, we’ve noticed many curious listeners get no further than our first episode before running a mile. Frankly, I don’t blame them. I’m far more proud of SCP3, our current season, because of its accessible tone. After all, our debut podcast talk was a lengthy discussion about Star Trek; a fairly alienating topic.

That said, there are flashes of fun and intrigue in SCP1.…   [continue reading]

Hairspray and High Heels in a Post-Soviet Town

Do I have to leave my coat there? Can I take my phone? I can? Good.

Seeing myself slowly nearing the chair. Why does this feel like the green mile? It’s the tasteless green floor.

Sitting down, the fattest I’ve ever looked, larger than when I was factually 20kg heavier. A tall blonde, here to make me feel worse about myself, takes out my hair band and has a quick ‘flick’ through my hair.

“What wanting today?” asks the thick Russian accent.

It’s not uncommon for beauticians in Latvia to be Russian. I speak to her in English. She was born and raised here, but when the Soviet times ended she gained a non-citizenship passport.…   [continue reading]