555 Review: Greed, Jealousy, and Doomed Ambition in Nightmare Hollywood

Anyone who puts their work in the public eye โ€” whether itโ€™s writers, actors, musicians or directors โ€” is torn between one main motivation and one main fear:

On one side, thereโ€™s the overwhelming desire to take the risk to show your work to other people.ย Go to an audition, pitch an article, send out demo tapes.

At the same time, thereโ€™s the crippling fear that youโ€™re not worth anyoneโ€™s time. The fear youโ€™re doomed to fail, living in perpetual obscurity, always looking for the one big break.

Thereโ€™s no better setting to encapsulate this duality than Hollywood โ€” the grim stage for nightmarish, disastrous satire like Mulholland Drive, Sunset Boulevard, Maps to the Stars, and now 555.…   [continue reading]