Secret Cave Podcast #2: Video Game Difficulty, The Undertaker, Mario’s Death, Movie Trailers

In last week’s episode, only two of Secret Cave’s writers could make it on air. This week, we’re firing on all cylinders and have an active, roundtable discussion about adaptive difficulty in video games, why The Undertaker became so popular, the death of Mario (and side-scrolling platforms), and how movie trailers are bullshit.

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?ย in this episode, we discuss:

  • Adaptive vs. set difficulty in video games
  • What’s the most difficult game you’ve ever played?
  • The unique difficulty of multiplayer games
  • Matchmaking algorithms in multiplayer games
  • Losing gaming tournaments
  • How to access ‘hard mode’ in Super Mario
  • The difference in difficulty in racing games
  • Is Mario Kart secretly a platformer?
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Why Is The Undertaker So Important?

Hear the writers discuss this subject on the Secret Cave Podcast!

As the Phenom, the Dead Man and a clearly Big Evil, The Undertaker has been the stuff of legends from his very beginnings. ย It’s not even something many people have questioned or considered. ย The Undertaker is absolutely brilliant and it’s as simple as that. ย The closest anyone will get is smarks dissecting his in-ring limitations, while openly accepting his undeniable quality. ย I would find it utterly impossible to understand any argument that paints him as less than iconic. ย A true deity in the world of sports entertainment, his long and decorated career is absolutely one of the most important things in the industry. ย …   [continue reading]