WrestleMania X-Seven


No one denies that, despite a fair few shaky years, WrestleMania is the grandaddy of them all – where it all began, where it all beginsย again and all the other rhetoric they throw at you to sell tickets. ย While there are certainly many who would take against WrestleMania’s seventeenth offering for killing the overrated Attitudeย era, or indeed presenting a show of sports entertainment rather than ‘rassling, it still remains the most critically lauded. ย Just one look at the card shows amazing initial promise, and it’s something the entire pay-per-view lived up to in spades.

Featuring, in large part, the culmination of years of storytelling, WrestleMania X-Seven managed to give basically all of its players the swansong they deserved before transitioning into the oft-overlookedย Ruthless Aggression era. ย …   [continue reading]