Mr. Mero: 199X

This is Part II of a short fiction. Click here for Part I, “19XX”.

Several years (and many more cups of vended coffee) later, Mr. Mero found himself sat at the main desk of the same room he had trained in – troubled. Older and more savvy, he had grown to read less music magazines and more broadsheets.ย One particular morning, he couldnโ€™t put his finger on what disturbed him more. Was it the headline announcing the successful cloning of a rhesus monkey, or rather the side-line story sensationalising an adolescent suicide? Both had ruined his day before it had even started.…   [continue reading]

Mr. Mero: 19XX

This is Part I of a short experimental fiction. Part II is now available here.

Aligned in perfect symmetry, the desks of the classroom formed an ordered horseshoe. Upon closer inspection, Mr. Mero noticed that nothing had changed in the anarchic spirit of young independence. Chewing gum pocked the table legs, and lurked beneath the surface out of sight. He even allowed himself a smile at a crudely carved penis. After all, he engraved the same in his childhood with someย infant inkling of territorial pride.

Mr. Mero was as much an apprentice as the juveniles lining up outside; unfamiliar with his topic and nervous of failure.…   [continue reading]