Rogue One Review: A Shallow “fix” for A New Hope

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***This article will contain spoilers for Rogue One***

“That was a really good film. The ending was great!”

As the bloke two rows in front finished the longest spiel of his life and got up to leave, I knew I was fucked.

Because I was always going to write this Rogue One review.

And I thought it was a bit shit.

It wasn’t irredeemable – it had some pretty shots, some almost believable CGI people, and even made me laugh once or twice. However, it failed at so many hurdles that, come the intermission (Louth cinema is old and cute, with a halfway break for ice cream), I knew my mind was made up.…   [continue reading]

Star Wars Headspace โ€” The Only 65 Minutes of Star Wars Samples and Beats That’s Any Good


Yes, I am literally about to speak with sincerity about a 1 hr 5 minute album made up entirely of Star Wars samples and beats.

Despite how it might come off from the first description, Star Wars Headspace isnโ€™t shallow, a comedy album or a trite shoehorning of samples into the rigid scaffolding of EDM. Itโ€™s much deeper than that, and even thoughย itโ€™s a joint effort from 17 different artists, it manages (with one sad exception) to sound extremely cohesive and well curated.

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…   [continue reading]