How Final Fantasy VIII’s Insanity Made it Better

When was the last time you were surprised by a video game? No, I don’t mean an occasional plot twist or the fact that the game turned out to be way better than you were giving it credit at first. I mean when you weren’t ready for anything that a game was going to throw at you. When you thought you knew gaming, but then it pulls you up from the Earth and into the open space to show that there’s a whole new universe beyond the one you were familiar with.

“I envy you. I wish I could go back and do it for the first time, all over again.”
โ€” The Game (1997)

Arguably, youย can experience this once in a lifetime.…   [continue reading]


It usually goes one of two ways for people when it comes to the prolificย Final Fantasyย series. ย Most have either never bothered dipping their toes, or have already obsessively played large chunks of their games. ย The release ofย Final Fantasy XVย was something I greatly looked forward to, being a firm member of the latter camp. ย Of course, i’m far from the only one. ย Its announcement, ten years ago, has caused a rich lather of anticipation. ย From ridiculously impressive gameplay videos to an entire cinematic offshoot, we’ve had plenty of time to let excitement take hold. ย While it’s easy to go into things with a cynical mindset post-No Man’s Sky, just how much does the end product live up to expectations?…   [continue reading]