ACME (06) – Seasoned Immortals


Seasoned Immortals
(a Wabbit, a Ghost, a perpetually Smiling Mouse and a hulking, Yellow Stupidity)

A door creaked to an opening ahead of our swine subject.ย  The wall that housed the door was free from this construct moments previous and, as an odd, ethereal light slowly burst through the door ajar, he came to the realisation that he had somehow escaped total deletion.ย  He guessed the klaxon had meant the dawning of his destruction; the opening door signalled some hope for an opposing possibility โ€“ he would meet the Seasoned Immortals.ย  Perhaps there was yet time for Petey to harness the secrets they offered.ย …   [continue reading]

The Prisoner (1967)

I have to state straight away thatย The Prisoner, in its original form, is one of my absolute favourite television shows – so forgive me if a little bias seeps into this spotlight. ย Initially resistant to its polarising charms, it took me an entire episode of hating it to reach an ending that instantly made me love it. ย I almost gave up watching it in favour of the drastically inferiorย Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which would have been a monumental mistake indeed. ย Birthing an instant obsession, it didn’t take long for me soak in its entire seventeen episode run and all of the spiralling mythos around it.…   [continue reading]