Secret Cave Office Chart [SEPTEMBER 2017]

It feels incredible to be writing here again. For those who don’t know, or didn’t notice, our domain went offline for almost an entire week. This, obviously, left Benjamin and I distraught and distressed for the down-time’s duration. It effected every area of our output, with it even coming close to causing a permanent cessation. Despite such devastating circumstances, we’ve been able to move past it confidently in readiness for our next phase. As a result of the issues with the domain, a backlog of tasks requiring completion has built up. An Office Chart is well overdue, though I did state in the previous one that it might be the last.…   [continue reading]

Primus – Tommy the Cat

As one of the most relentless ditties in a particularly relentless catalogue, Primus’ “Tommy the Cat” is something that probably every bass player has come across at some point in their experience. Of course, it’s not the finest or even most original bass playing ever committed to tape, but it’s certainly become representative of a style of lead bass that countless fledgling musicians have hoped – in vain – to emulate. Perhaps it makes it all the more impressive that, when played live at least, frontman Les Claypool is able to pull off all that demanding fretwork in tandem with vocals that don’t exactly slip off the tongue themselves.…   [continue reading]