Predator: 420 (A Secret Cave Podcast Mini)

For this SCP Mini, we haven’t drawn from outside materials or our interview guests. Instead, for the first time, we’ve used clips from our very first season of podcasts. Within that season, we were a rather different beast. Season Two almost entirely consists of interviews with other creatives about their work. In our first episodes, Benjamin and I simply recordedย casual conversations about pre-set topics. It was a very formative time for us, but I still feel there are some interesting relics there. It makes for the most entertaining listening when the two of us argued, which would usually feature my explosive temper.…   [continue reading]


Hear the writers (kind of) discuss this subject on the Secret Cave Podcast!

Having spawned a string of god-awful sequels/spin-offs, and essentially being only an action jaunt to begin with,ย Predatorย gets somewhat of a bad rep considering how good it actually is. ย True, it’s a cornerstone of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s catalogue but that isn’t something held in any higher regard than what it merits (which isn’t much). ย Predator, at least for me, stands head and shoulders above the rest of Arnie’s tripe – and even ends up as my personal favourite action movie ever made. ย That’s remarkable in and of itself, as action is a genre I always go into with the highest distaste and lack of interest.…   [continue reading]