Dion Lunadon (The D4, A Place to Bury Strangers) Interview: On his Debut Solo LP

Having spent over two decades with several bands including A Place to Bury Strangers, The D4ย and The Scavengers, itโ€™s surprising to realize Dion Lunadon hadnโ€™t released a solo work sooner and, even more so, to learn it wasnโ€™t planned to exist.

โ€œI hadn’t written by myself for years and felt I needed to create something with no compromises and something that reflected who I am. Out of anything I’ve ever done, this record definitely captures that more than any other. I wasn’t planning on releasing any of it, which is a great place to write from. I wrote it for me.โ€ย 

With the help of Bambaraโ€™s Blaze Batch, APTBS bandmate Robi Gonzalez and Chris Woodhouse (recording engineer for Thee Oh Seesย andย Ty Segall), Lunadon wrote and completed the album over three months in Brooklyn, NY.…   [continue reading]