Vic Berger Interview: Musicality, Editing and Social Media

This article ties in to a podcast I recorded with Vic Berger, available here.

In a relatively short time, Vic Berger has made a very distinctive name for himself. His editing work for Super Deluxe, while inherently hilarious, has struck a chord with our times. It magnifies the subtle, showing us behind the curtain of celebrity, or presidential, facade. He has a talent for noticing the absurd moments that fly past, which he exaggerates to the point of truth. Often, this is the underlying appeal of his videos.

Their ability to make you laugh is merely a first reaction; a surface tension that quickly reveals a stark and confrontational depth.…   [continue reading]

Secret Cave Office Chart [MARCH 2017]

This month’s playlist is much more varied than the February edition. ย I tried a lot harder to make it a bit more representative of my overarching tastes. ย That said, quite a lot of this material was new to me. ย I’m finding that making these is helping me to discover a few things myself. ย That, at the very least, makes it worth doing. ย Overall, i’m really quite happy with this one. ย However, I do have a couple of problems i’d like to iron out for April’s Office Chart. ย For example, I feel the two halves are slightly too separate. ย After a more upbeat opening, it’s quite a bit more chilled out by its conclusion. ย …   [continue reading]