ACME (05) – The Douglas Anvilโ„ข Shower


The Douglas Anvilโ„ข Shower
(careless destruction and its terrible waves)

Heโ€™s really done it this time.ย  His laugh rolled out like giddy cavalry.ย  Fool.ย  This contract will be framed in my memory forever.ย  Creative control โ€“ his โ€œchildrenโ€ are mine.ย  Emil Douglas rubbed his sweaty, manicured hands with an uncontainable elation at what sat before him – aย ruffled paper edge, sliced through by blunt fingers, the letter sprawling out below.ย  He always wasted characters, Wallace.ย  He only got the job because better writers died, always knew I could do better.ย  Look back into envelope.ย  Something else?ย  A new script!ย …   [continue reading]