ACME (04) – Sally O’Malley


Sally O’Malley
(a diamond unpolished, hurled into the ocean)

So, as Petey stood alone and cold in a bright chamber awaiting his vision of death, his mind wandered nostalgic paths โ€“ winding memory lanes that never ended.ย  All roads led to more precious reminisces, more tragic regrets.ย  He heard a sound from the adjoining room โ€“ a kind of klaxon, a kind of scream.ย  Reverberating with strange emphasis, it hit Peteyโ€™s ears piercingly.ย  He knew what it meant; whatever strange toy they had decided to invent, to crush him from all memory, was ready.ย  Petey hadnโ€™t even been told what it was that would eventually destroy his continuing presence, and he certainly never had any idle dream for Immortality. ย …   [continue reading]