LEGO Worlds
First Impressions


Admittedly, the mere concept of LEGO Worlds is what draws me in.  Melding the sensibilities of Minecraft and LEGO itself, its subtle step forward is very exciting.  Of course, much of its concept relies on established tropes and mechanics.  While it’s not building a brand new concept afresh, the ideas and potential it brings to the table seem to be what I wanted from Minecraft in the first place.  However, I can’t deny that the inclusion of greatly varied brick sizes is the main allure in that package.  It makes for much more detailed, enjoyable and artful landscapes, the creation of which is at your beck and call in a variety of interesting ways.  …   [continue reading]

The Exact Conversation You Had With a Theoretical Pixel About The Future of Video Games

You’re inside a screen, deep into the digital sprawl. Sitting on the grass outside Kakariko Village, looking over the Corel Desert backdropped with a silhouette of the Boletarian Palace.

“You can’t imagine all the things I’ve been”, says theoretical pixel.

At the sky’s apex, it shifts from day to perpetual night.

“In my infinite parallel forms, I’m everything from the dirt you’re sitting on to a fleck of skull dust in the catacombs. I’ve lived a billion lifetimes over the past decade, and had my form thoughtfully crafted into tens of thousands of deep universes. The corona of an alien sun.…   [continue reading]