Entertainment (2015)

When Entertainment premiered at 2015’s Sundance Film Festival, the response it garnered was somewhat predictable.  Numerous walkouts peppered its first showing, indicative of its uncomfortable confrontation.  Certainly a test of patience, it’s a work that demands significant effort on the part of the audience.  However, this is a recurring feature of the creatives involved: director and writer Rick Alverson, star and writer Gregg Turkington and writer Tim Heidecker.  It’s easy to take against their approach, labelling it as pretentious and lazy.  The sad truth is, that would be all too often accurate of others.  In their hands, Entertainment is a prime example of the finest of its kind.…   [continue reading]

From Dusk till Dawn

Robert Rodriguez is far from the world’s greatest director, although he has a few damn good flicks under his belt, and Quentin Tarantino can only really write rooms full of his own separate personalities.  That’s not even knocking either of them, the duo being imaginative creatives whose work I have mostly enjoyed.  From Dusk till Dawn is a vastly overlooked film that plays to the strengths of them both, becoming a genre-defying jaunt that’s far more than the sum of its parts.

It’s not as clever as Reservoir Dogs, or as revolutionary as Pulp Fiction (two of Tarantino’s most famous works), but it is – without any doubt – one of the coolest and most watchable 108 minutes to hit our screens.  …   [continue reading]