The Enduring Mystery of David Liebe Hart

This article ties in to a podcast I recorded with David Liebe Hart, available here.

If you’ve ever spent any time with a toe dipped intoย Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!,ย then you’re probably aware of David Liebe Hart. His first appearance came in the episodeย Salame, which heavily featured his music, puppets and thoughts onย extra-terrestrial mythology. From there, he’s seen himself cast in numerous editions of that show, as well as various spin-offs, promotional materials and live tours. He’s becomeย an integral part of their universe, whether Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim approve of it or not.…   [continue reading]

Life of Brian

I wasn’t going to spotlightย Life of Brian for some time, mainly because it’s already such a huge and revered part of popular culture. ย With the recent tragic news of Terry Jones, core Monty Python member and the film’s director, having been diagnosed with dementia, I decided to write this in tribute to his overlooked work. ย Being his directorial debut as the singular visionary,ย Life of Brian is a wonderfully realised work of comedic art. ย Coherent and consistent in its style, it did away with the messy and compromised results of its predecessor,ย The Holy Grail (which featured a tandem team of Jones and fellow member Terry Gilliam at the helm).…   [continue reading]