WWE Battleground 2017 [REPORT]

Publishing this two days after the event aired, I can’t help but question if there’s any point. Then I realised, one of the reasons that I cover WWE PPVs here is to track their progress and development over time. Missing one, in a year that will have fourteen by its end, may not seem a big deal. However, I feel thatย not reporting this one PPV would be unfair on certain talents within. For example, Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal have been running a questionable and tiresome feud for some time now. It would be the height of injustice not to comment on their Punjabi Prison match at this year’sย Battleground; it made me quite like Mahal for the first time, which is always worthy of discussion.…   [continue reading]

A Smark’s Guide to: WWE Fastlane 2017

WWE‘s fledglingย Fastlaneย event is still, in many ways, just finding its feet. ย It’s not a bad concept for a Pay-Per-View either, introducing last minute twists and turns to theย Road to WrestleMania. ย This year, the main point of contention was Kevin Owens‘ Universal Title defence against Goldberg. ย With the victor going on to face Brock Lesnar at the imminentย WrestleMania, it’s something that the WWE Universe had their eyes set keenly on. ย Of course, the finish was always going to end up predictable. ย We’ll discuss that in the end but, first, there’s quite an undercard to comb over.…   [continue reading]