This feature has nothing to do with a blind, xenophobic patriotism. ย My wish to highlight the best of my country comes not from a posturing of our superiority. ย Such divisions have no place in an evolving world, despite current world leaders having no grasp of that. ย Instead, I thought it healthy and helpful to magnify the finest examples of my geographical kin. ย After all, it’s not my place to discuss cultures of which I have very little knowledge. ย Every town, city, country and land boasts its own cultural pillars, but Louis Theroux is one of the first that comes to mind when it comes to British exports; at least for me.…   [continue reading]

Jimmy Webb – Galveston

Galveston, named after the coastal Texas city its protagonist apparently calls home, is a song that brings with it a remarkable amount of weight. ย One of Jimmy Webb’s most recognisable and trademark tunes, it was given an intense limelight when popularised by Glen Campbell in 1969. ย Having found a second wind since as a beautiful, tragic and wistful ditty recorded by Webb himself, its true gravitas was made all the more central when arranged with the right ear. ย Campbell’s version being an enjoyable and intelligent slice of pop from a time when its timbre was contemporary, it’s Webb’s re-imaginings that make me want to write about it today.…   [continue reading]