Written in Stone, When All Stones Erode

Often, we think of an artwork as absolute. Picasso’s work, for example, is simply Picasso’s work โ€” unchanged over time. We’re aware that a digital JPEG of a painting will lose all of its tangible resonance, such as its finer brushstrokes. Yet, we still consider it to be a fair representation of an essential absolute. Those with a passing interest in artย may even have some peripheral sense that a long life would naturally degrade the brilliance of a piece. But, outside of the exclusive world of art criticism and appreciation, it’s rare for us to consider the ways that an individual expression can evolve.…   [continue reading]



James T. Kirk, captain of the USS Enterprise for a long tenure of live-action, animated and film series, is often remembered for a somewhat perverted propensity towards womanising. ย While he remains beloved for his particular brand of cowboy diplomacy, and the thrilling adventures they would take you on, it’s something that’s always undermined him and left him stuck in the sixties with other anachronisms. ย Where does this perspective even come from? ย Is it really something that undercuts his character throughout all of his appearances? ย If so, how has he held onto such a wide appeal despite the undeniable sexism of his approach to women?…   [continue reading]

Jim Cornette


Look at this grotesque Momma’s boy with his loaded tennis racket. ย Isn’t that just one of the most punchable looks for anyone to sport, anywhere in the world and at any time? ย Such is the genius of the heat-getting motherfucker that is Jim Cornette, King of the shoot interview and advocate for that old-timey wrestling your grandmother used to watch. ย In my opinion, to not be aware of Cornette and what he’s brought to the squared circle is to disregard the entire medium – which i’m sure many of you do anyway (since this isn’t a dedicated wrestling/sports entertainment blog).

…   [continue reading]