Skeleton Films [BEST OF SCP1 TEASER]

Watch this teaser on our YouTube here.

Near the end of last year, we released a little clip from an upcoming compilation of our first podcast season. I wrote about that in a short post here, where I spent more time introducing the concept. We look back onย SCP1ย (our first season) with largely mixed opinions. Though inexperience makes it a difficult listen, there are some entertaining needles hidden in the haystack.ย We agreed that a more focused compilation of its stronger moments would be a far better introduction to our current podcasts than the season as a whole.…   [continue reading]

Secret Cave Podcast #7: Death Stranding, Physicality, One-Handed Gameplay

In this extended special episode, we have Andy Tyrrell โ€” Leeโ€™s dad โ€” as a guest on the podcast.

Iโ€™d heard murmurings from Lee that Andy thinks the podcast is aย weekly meeting of the pretentious mutual admiration society, so here Iโ€™m preparing to defend myself.

Tensions aside, in episode 7 we talk about emotion in games, generational perspective, and sex censorship. We also explainย why we never talk about anything physical.

As always,ย we’ll be announcing episodes on Twitter, and streaming them on Twitch.

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…But for now, listen to this week’s episode:

๐Ÿ“ป in this episode, we discuss:

  • Criticism from Leeโ€™s dad on the podcast so far
  • Thoughts on the trailer for Death Stranding
  • Are teaser trailers misrepresenting games?
…   [continue reading]