Stefan Bohacek Interview: The Ethics and Humanity of Bots

Stefan Bohacek is the founder of BotWiki, a project that aims to catalog the useful, friendly and artistic bots of the world. He also has a number of side-projects on his site, The projects include Detective, a chat-based game that randomly pairs you with a human or a bot and makesย you decide which you’re chatting with.

We spoke about the philosophy and ethics of bots, as well as the ideas behind BotWiki, Detective, and his other exciting projects.

Listen to the interview below:

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BotWikiโ€™s been a fascinating project for me lately.…   [continue reading]


Do you remember that twat who cut you off at the junction?ย  Perhaps, if youโ€™re lucky enough to have avoidedย vehicle ownership, you can recall that sour-faced tart who rushed you at the zebra crossing. ย What about that utter cunt who I.Dโ€™d you despite your clear responsible adulthood?ย  Donโ€™t get me started on that shit-stick in front of you at the chippy, who orders enough fish suppers for a royal banquet (when you merely require a singular tray of chips).

The world is populated by a rich circulation of assholes.ย  You can become acutely aware of the questionable moralities and mistakes of our fellows when fraternising with University students. ย …   [continue reading]