The Wild Blue Yonder

Werner Herzog will always be remembered as one of Germanyโ€™s greatest directors, and creative forces in general. ย A man with numerous classics to his name (such as Fitzcarraldo, Nosferatu the Vampyre or his impressive array of non-fiction documentaries), itโ€™s easy to overlook some of his less lauded works. ย Indeed, sometimes this is a fair reaction to pockets of such an immense body of material. ย In the case of The Wild Blue Yonder however, we have a film truly deserving of brighter spotlight.

The concept is a captivating one from its inception, if at first โ€“ deliberately โ€“ alienating. ย Beginning with an intense introduction from Brad Dourif in one of his strangest, and most tragically unsung, roles, we slip ethereally into his story of alien colonisation. ย …   [continue reading]