Antz and the Heroโ€™s Journey

Does the use of โ€˜zโ€™ as a plural mark something out as being shit? Boyz II Men certainly had me thinking so. But, through snippets and half-memories, Iโ€™d gathered that Antz had the kind of political undertones that set it aside from your run-of-the-mill ’90s kids film that plays fast and loose with plurals.

Even though Iโ€™d seen the filmโ€™s โ€œanother ant filmโ€ counterpart,ย A Bugโ€™s Life, as a child, I wasnโ€™t prepared for how much graver and sincere Antz would be. To say that it has political undertones would be a childish reading: The filmโ€™s opener contains a sign that reads โ€œFree Time Is For Trainingโ€; not the first jab at dehumanization in the industrial age, and certainly not the last.…   [continue reading]