The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962) [COMMENTARY]

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
DIRECTOR: Joseph Green
STARRING: Jason (Herb) Evers, Virginia Leith, Leslie Daniel

Completed in 1959, but not released until 1962, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die has one of the best titles I’ve ever come across. Produced in the same year as Attack of the Giant Leeches, it does a much better job of being coherent, likeable and gripping. Unfortunately, it devolves into a sexist and meandering plot. Its opening is strong enough to make it memorable, however. Overall an enjoyable hour with some genuinely disturbing moments!

From Wikipedia:

The main plot focuses upon a mad doctor who develops a means to keep human body parts alive.

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Pixies – “Head Carrier” [ALBUM REVIEW]

I bloody love the Pixies. ย They’ve been one of my favourite bands since I first heard Bone Machine;ย before my balls had even dropped. ย To this day I consider their performance at 2005’s Leeds/Reading festival my finest live event. ย To their hordes of vocal admirers, they carry around an enormous legacy everywhere they go. ย It’s probably this pressure that has kept their back catalogue compressed and minimal over the years. ย Indeed, even with their lengthy hiatus, you’d have expected more than six LPs from a band with the stature and history that the Pixies enjoy. ย For me, this has always given them a mystique that greatly adds to their presence.…   [continue reading]