The Choice is Yours (SCP Mini)

Click here for thisย SCP Miniย on YouTube.

It’s been some time since we’ve released anย SCP Mini. Therefore, I may as well go over their concept once more before I introduce our latest. Using dialogue from our podcast episodes, Benjamin creates short, compressed versions set to edited footage. They allow us to focus on a particular subject, and accentuate key points and humour. In addition, they’re an excellent way for Benjamin to express his developing skill for video editing. Though they’ve only ever pulled in pathetically small view counts on our YouTube, they’reย among ourย personal favourite content.

For thisย SCP Mini, Benjamin has used a deleted “scene” from episode fourteen of our second season.…   [continue reading]

Natural Signing Stone

One of the reasons I’ve lost interest in mainstream film is its utter unreality. ย All too often, what I see portrayed on the screen holds almost no relation to the world. ย However, i’m not saying I want every movie to be gritty and realistic. ย It would simply be nice to relate on some level to the characters, setting or even pacing of a movie. ย Rick Alverson, and directors like him, seem to be reacting to that with a tense fascination for the awkward. ย That holds my interest much more, and i’m glad to see it increasingly seeping into popular culture.…   [continue reading]