Secret Cave Podcast S02E01: Gay

As the first official episode of the new season, Lee thought it best that we open with something ridiculously divisive and offensive. Heโ€™s still not sure why.

Anyway, we have a protracted discussion about the use of the word “Gay” and terminology in general. We also spiral off and talk about drugs, and have an argument about numbers. Lee introduces our new segment, “Show and Tellโ€, where we each bring in one talking point and have an argument.


  • On the new format for season two
  • A discussion on using the word โ€œgayโ€
  • The schoolyard origins of โ€œgayโ€, and its implications
  • What it means as slang in Northern England
  • The history and different connotations of โ€œgayโ€
  • On the reappropriation of negative terms
  • Arguments about terminology in To Pimp a Butterfly
  • When slurs are and arenโ€™t shocking
  • Does โ€œgayโ€ have an actual homophobic connotation in America vs.
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