SCP3 #13 – Goodbye

Click here to hearย SCP3 #13ย on YouTube.

Unfortunately, we’ve decided to bring our podcast to an end. There are several reasons why, ranging from audio quality to a greater concentration on our zine. It’s not over for good but, while we work on Issue #2: Breath, we simply can’t keep up a podcast as regularly as we’d like. We have some fun ideas for different formats in the future, but we need a little more time to develop them. In this final episode, Benjamin and I discuss our original intentions.

In the spirit of our first plans, we do still chat about a few pop culture gems too.…   [continue reading]

Secret Cave Podcast #3: Rick & Morty, Jackass, and the Best Skeleton Movies

Moving away from the idea of structured topics, this week we’re improvising with whatever comes to mind in episode 3 of the Secret Cave podcast.

In this off-the-cuff conversation, we debateย everything from Rick & Morty’s philosophy to the reason skeletons aren’t as widely represented as zombies.

In the future, we’ll be announcing episodes on Twitter, and streaming them on Twitch.

For now, listen to this week’s episode:

?ย in this episode, we discuss:

  • Is Rick & Morty just a shoddy rip off of Futurama?
  • Cliched characterization in Rick & Morty
  • Rick & Morty’s portrayal of family
  • Infidelity as a tired plot line
  • Laughing out loud when watching something alone
  • Is Rick & Morty philosophical fiction?
…   [continue reading]