Samurai Jack Season 5 [TRAILER REACTIONS]

I was a mere eleven years of age when Samurai Jack first premiered on Cartoon Network.  Because of this, I can speak with first-hand clarity of its instant obvious quality.  Even at that tender age it smashed out from the screen, leaving its peers far behind with an unbelievable strength of vision.  That’s not even to denigrate the network’s surrounding programming, itself a rich buffet of well-crafted material.  It’s just that Samurai Jack is so singular.  In no way does it ever hand-hold its audience.  Instead, each frame shines with its own beauty, leading us through a slow and quietly crafted narrative.  …   [continue reading]

ACME (05) – The Douglas Anvil™ Shower


The Douglas Anvil™ Shower
(careless destruction and its terrible waves)

He’s really done it this time.  His laugh rolled out like giddy cavalry.  Fool.  This contract will be framed in my memory forever.  Creative control – his “children” are mine.  Emil Douglas rubbed his sweaty, manicured hands with an uncontainable elation at what sat before him – a ruffled paper edge, sliced through by blunt fingers, the letter sprawling out below.  He always wasted characters, Wallace.  He only got the job because better writers died, always knew I could do better.  Look back into envelope.  Something else?  A new script! …   [continue reading]