SCP3 #05 – Latvia

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Besides our formal interview guests, Benjamin and I have previously invited two other participants to join in this season. For our second episode, Conspiracy, we introduced March. In his appearance, March brought a new youthfulness to the show as he took us through his burgeoning obsession with conspiracy theories. In the following edition, Birds, MC Kat graced us with a female perspective for the first time. Both March and MC Kat will have regular slots across SCP3, along with a number of others as the season evolves.

We’ve been eager to test the dynamics between various guest combinations this time.…   [continue reading]

The Strange World of Emoji as a Second Language 🔮

It’s 🌌. We’re deep into the 🏞.

Almost every concept you know can now be represented as a tiny 🖼 that varies depending on where it’s displayed.

Not since 🔤 were formalized in ancient times have we had this many new characters added to every alphabet that exists.

  • 🇬🇧
  • 🇷🇺
  • 🇩🇪
  • 🇨🇳
  • 🌐

Emoji aren’t there as a stand-in for words. Obviously 1,851 😀s can’t match up to the richness of our everyday language.

So, what’s the point?

To me, a 🎉 is more celebratory than any woohoo.

I’d rather see a 🗻 than the words Mt. Fuji.

They can be used as hashtags on Instagram, now.…   [continue reading]