Sharing the Vision: How Software is Making Science Accessible to All

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Whatโ€™s the earliest thing you can remember?

Maybe itโ€™s a happy memory โ€” one coated in sunlight or a particular kind of weather โ€” or maybe itโ€™s a dark memory, one that youโ€™d rather not revisit. After all, most early memories are usually one or the other; extreme emotions have a tendency to stick, for better or worse.

Perhaps you remember your first home? The colour of the walls, the markings on the floor, and which door led you to where?…   [continue reading]

Mr. Mero: 2XXX

This is Part Four of a short fiction.

Part One โ€” Part Two โ€” Part Three

J-Seven associated the tonal countdown that had come bursting intoย his eardrum implants with progress. Not only did it represent the end of his duly allotted rest period, but it also signalled the start of a personal learning phase. He had another two of these scheduled, andย he contemplated whatย might help to drive him through them. His upcoming briefing concerned History, a subject far too removed from the future he placed hisย true interest in.

At least Vitriusโ€™ latest model was a greater comfort on the temples, which resulted in an appreciated lack of headaches.…   [continue reading]