Deep Into the Mars Desertscape, Hell Knight’s Going Sick


Deep into the Mars desertscape, Hellย isย literally breaking loose, and there you are, just a few shots from getting the Hell Knight glowing orange ready for a good solid twat round the neck.

He’s mid-flight before you know it, and Jesus Christ he’s absolutely reaming you. I mean, he’s being entirely unreasonable, a few seconds away fromย going absolutely feral. Pixels from expiration, you’re spamming melee, trying to get him to Go Orange but it’s not stopping him from just fucking going to town on your weak body.

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Final Impressions

(all ratings are out of 10)


It’s not a particularly interesting idea to throw another Doom sequel at us, and it doesn’t even twist it that much on its head to make it a re-boot. ย The idea of violent first-person shooting has an appeal, but a limited one.

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