What Created Alex Jones?

Alex Jones, explicit spreader of misinformation and founder of right-wingย fakeย news site InfoWars, is a rabbit hole of intrigue Iโ€™d never expected to fall into.

From his sinister doomsday conspiracies to his brain force drugs and survivalist equipment he peddles through his online store, at first his very existence seems like a hilarious riddle.

Why would extreme right-wing media be associated with vitamins, survivalism, and hyper-masculinity? You can see the pattern in other alt-right figureheads like the grunting, nootropic-addled Mike Cernovich (he runs a pro-Trump blog peppered with pedophilia accusations and manliness advice).

The alt-right, Jones included, rallied around Trump in the run-up to the 2016 election.…   [continue reading]

The Yellow Brick Road of Internet Hysteria

Communities have a habit of obsessing over breadcrumb trails. ย It’s an impulse within us that goes back far further than the internet. ย However, with the advent of social media, this hysteria has been easier to track. ย It’s impressive just how quickly these self-proclaimed “detectives” can get to work. ย You can always count on teams of basement dwellers to decode any stray ARG. ย As I’ve recently stated, this can be a great way of engaging a fan community. ย That’s all just marketing though, in essence. ย Deep in each of these explorers’ hearts must be a wish that something more hides in the folds of mystery.…   [continue reading]