The Yellow Brick Road of Internet Hysteria

Communities have a habit of obsessing over breadcrumb trails. ย It’s an impulse within us that goes back far further than the internet. ย However, with the advent of social media, this hysteria has been easier to track. ย It’s impressive just how quickly these self-proclaimed “detectives” can get to work. ย You can always count on teams of basement dwellers to decode any stray ARG. ย As I’ve recently stated, this can be a great way of engaging a fan community. ย That’s all just marketing though, in essence. ย Deep in each of these explorers’ hearts must be a wish that something more hides in the folds of mystery.…   [continue reading]

Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest

Beyond the static-tined avalanche of white noise and synthesiser synaesthesia, Boards of Canadaโ€™s recent Tomorrowโ€™s Harvest L.P. is a surprisingly comprehensive journey towards โ€“ and eventually away from โ€“ collapse.ย  But what stands so intriguing in this breakdown?ย  What leads the release of this record to captivate so easily with giddy addiction?ย  And just what exactly is being portrayed across the ice-pines and bark-bergs of this somehow begotten, faintly belated landscape?

First, one has to be careful in attempting to view the effort as a concept album in the strictest terms.ย  Despite its clear thematic loyalties (mostly to secret broadcast, ghostly premonitions and narcissistic evolution), there is no great or detailed tale to be found under the layers of softly structured tone poetry.ย …   [continue reading]