Issue #2: Breath: General Updates and News

This year at Secret Cave, we’re changing our pace somewhat. Following the release of our first zine last year, we’ve already started work on a second issue. It’s important to us thatย Issue #2: Breathย is an improvement in every possible way on our original venture. As such, certain elements of our output are likely to slow down until our estimated release date in April.

In no way does that mean our domain content will stop. In fact, Benjamin and I already have numerous drafts that we’re working on. However, we have made our next zine a conscious priority. Unfortunately, this is likely to have an impact on the amount of posts here.…   [continue reading]

The X-mas Ad Battle: An Analysis

Before you start labelling me as a Grinch, let me make it absolutely clear that I adore Christmas. ย Despite being a devoted Atheist, the religious overtones are now more of a choice than a necessity. ย As for the commercial implications, it’s no different to the capitalism that pervades our society for the rest of the year. ย What’s left is a period of magical reflection against the warmth of some figurative fireside (radiator will do). ย It’s a time for family and friends, and the healthy stress that comes along with loving them. ย Mostly considered a cornerstone of the year, for those lucky enough to enjoy its pleasures, the jovial season is one I hold in perpetual high regard.…   [continue reading]