The Best Kept Secrets of British Comedy

The world of British comedy is a rabbit hole you can lose yourself in for life. ย Just following a list of long-gone essentials would keep you busy with viewing for some time. ย That doesn’t even mention the constant stream of new arrivals who, though watered down, keep us restocked year after year. ย There’s an even bigger wellspring of obscurity beyond the surface too, where the fourth wall is of no consequence. ย Editspotters, as they call themselves, have made it their solemn duty to explore this abundant vein of intrigue.

Considered an important part in the fight against bullshit and political correctness, editspotting keeps a keen eye on the divine hand behind our much beloved national comedies. ย …   [continue reading]

Red Dwarf

For any Englishman (or indeed, woman) born in the early nineties,ย Red Dwarfย was a rite of passage difficult to avoid. ย It’s not really something you’d want to avoid either since, as soon as you get comfortable in the deserted corridors and well acquainted with the cast, it’s so casually entertaining. ย Red Dwarfย is one of those British comedies that’s very rarely laugh-out-loud funny, but endearingly witty, observant and referential. ย An episode may only contain a handful of laughs, but the series as a whole is a remarkably minimalist perspective on the potential silliness of space travel.

Inspired byย Blade Runner and kept afloat by the cliches that science fiction thrives off,ย Red Dwarf is an amazingly familiar affair in its setting until you realise that it has as much in common withย The Royle Family as it doesย Star Trek. ย …   [continue reading]